About Us

Morgan Design Group Gets it.

We opened our doors in 1973 and haven't looked back. We decided early on we did not want to be the biggest player in the field, just the best.

We looked for self-motivated, cutting edge designers and salespeople passionately dedicated to the needs and success of our clients, and began to build a team that today is the core of Morgan Design Group.

Over the years we have earned a reputation of exceptional designs, premium service, premium manufacturing and on-time delivery, always.

More than a pretty face.

To stay on the cutting edge we realize we can't sit back and wait for things to happen. We proactively search for the next big thing. And we ask, how can we make what we make even better?

    What makes a special edition?

    How can you market a package of parts to increase their value?

    How can dealers retail their inventory at a high profit?

These three questions have been at the core of Morgan Design Group's mission statement since day one. If a dealer, dealer group or manufacturer is going to launch a special edition, it needs a name, visually displayed on the vehicles to differentiate them from stock inventory. That's where we come in.

We design it and we make it, here, in America.

People still have a love affair with the automobile.

It's all about personalization. To the driver, their vehicle is more than a ride. It's a statement about their lifestyle. Without a personalized logo, it's just another car with accessories. Long after the campaign is run, customers will continue to promote ownership of their personalized special edition.

Special Editions are perfect marketing and merchandising opportunities for premium personalization.

Benefits of Personalization Branding  

Personalized branding has been known to increase showroom traffic and move inventory quicker while increasing dealer profits. It also establishes a higher value for the special appearance package.