Specialty Presentations

Sometimes we have clients who want to take their logo and integrate it into something special. Below are a few examples of these specialty presentation boxes.

GM COPO Camaro owners package

General Motors' GM Performance division has spent the past few years reviving the famous and rare "COPO" Chevy Camaro. Back in '69, the COPO Camaro was the first time the General Motors offered a Camaro with a Corvette engine stuffed into it, and the world went crazy. It was a program made by GM called Central Office Production Order or COPO. History was made, and for 2012, the COPO name returned - this time as a turn-key, track-only drag racing vehicle with choice of up to three GM Performance engines. The production was limited to 69 vehicles, and all of them have been "floored" by the car's performance and heritage.

Along with the vehicle, the owners have all been given an owners package (shown above). This special presentation kit consists of a special binder with the racing owners manual for the vehicle, a NHRA drag racing rule book, a monogrammed certificate of ownership complete with the owners name and vehicle serial number and a gift certificate to a top drag racing school. It all comes inside a special COPO box with chrome logo and engine ID plates, all with matching numbers, of course.

Lenco Armored Vehicles

When your company manufactures armored vehicles, your brand needs to communicate power, safety and endurance. Lenco Armored Vehicles wanted a plaque that they could give to their clients as a thank you gift. We designed a box and plaque, which reflects the quality of their company. We manufactured their logo from our premium 3D Chrome technology and adhered it to a customized steel plate. The end product was a heavy, high-end customized gift that will insure Lenco's clients' remember them and their company. After receiving boxes CEO Lenny Light sent us this message:

The presentation plaques showed up today - they look outstanding!

We have one displayed in our conference room already. These will go a long way for Lenco's higher ranking government customers and foreign diplomats.

- Lenny Light VP & General Manager Lenco Armored Vehicles

Honor and Valor

The Honor and Valor program began in 2010 with Chevrolet's desire to recognize and honor our men and women in service during Military Month (May). Every military person who bought a Chevrolet during the month of May received this premium 3D Chrome Honor emblem. The emblem is encased in a custom fit box that includes a vellum insert and booklet with a personalized message from Dan Ackerson, CEO of General Motors, thanking them for their service. Another important component of the promotion is "Cell Phones for Soldiers". With every purchase, GM donated $100 to this charity. To learn more about the program, visit their website here. We are honored to be working on the 2013 Honor and Valor program.

GM Performance: 427 Crate Motor Collector Set
427 Presentation Box

All you big block engine fans should recognize the 427. GM decided to retire this powerful engine in 2009. Before breaking the mold, GM Performance decided to make a final run of 427 engines. They also wanted to give the owners of this unique engine something they would cherish. We designed and manufactured a stunning box that included two 427 emblems, a stainless steel plaque etched with the engine specifications and a hidden compartment for all the relevant paperwork. A memorable Collector's Box.